The islanders were running around scared…

Craigory Sparks
1 min readMar 6, 2019

On Monday afternoon I parachuted onto Identity Island. It was a mess. Trees were toppled over, there was css everywhere, the islanders were running around scared. In the middle of the island there was a volcano with lava cascading down its side…and it was there, at the top, that I met up with agent G and agent B.

I was debriefed, took a brief survey of the island, walked my way down into the jungle, and started machete-ing everything. Agent B had given me a virtual machine, so I radioed GitHub command officer M. on his way back from Mammoth Mountain and was granted full access to the repo. I cleared everything out of the way, formatted all the code, and set everything to be responsive and sticky. I made contact with agent R, who works from a farmhouse outside of Paris. I asked him to do a code review.

It took me until Friday morning to complete the rescue, swim back to the ship and reunite with the team. I talked to agent B and agent G via walkie-talkie later that day. They expressed their gratitude and their relief from fear.