Destined for donuts

Craigory Sparks
2 min readJul 2, 2019


At California and Market sneak onto the cable car.

Sit quietly and ride. Enjoy the ambience.

Get off on Polk and walk east 495 feet. Get in line.

Read the rules.

Take a deep breath through your nose and smell the sugar in the air.

Walk in and fill your eyes with beauty.

But beauty’s voice speaketh gently: it appealeth only to the most awakened souls

Make an educated guess. Order a reasonable amount.

Pay at the counter. Leave them a tip. Admire your bag.

Walk back to whence you came and seek out some coffee.

Bob’s Donuts and Pastries is a family owned business established in the 1960s at 1621 Polk Street San Francisco. They are open 24 hours, all day every day.