Know before you go

Warning — There’s a heat shield surrounding Palm Springs. It was put there to prevent jerks from getting in. It gets turned on in May and gets shut off in late September. This is the best time to visit. You will only be able to get…

With a Netlify API image form database as the backend

Just show me the dang code!

The code:
The demo:

What’s included

  • Continuous deployment with Netlify, React.js and Next.js.
  • Super snappy fast page loads because its JAMStack, serverless and static!
  • A Netlify blog post form with image file upload.
  • Seo friendly dynamic meta-tag component.
  • RSS and…

Shibuya is a ward in Tokyo where the Japanese go, after a brutal day of work, to relieve themselves from the pressure of existence. This traditional undertaking of psychological sublimation is referred to by the locals as the Shibuya Meltdown. The Meltdown is typically performed in three acts. The first…

Craigory Sparks

Marketing myself makes me cringe

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